Treatment Packages

Intensive Care Package

For clients who need things to shift in their bodies quickly– you are in pain or under intensive stress– I offer a set of 4 sessions (to be used within 5 weeks) at a discounted rate.
Price: $240
(a savings of $40)

The Clear Head Package (for Migraine Sufferers)

CranioSacral Therapy has an excellent track record of ending and preventing migraines. While many people experience significant improvement after just one session, these complex headaches can take more time and treatment to resolve. That is why I have put together a package for migraine sufferers that includes three treatment sessions. I recommend that these sessions be scheduled within a 6 week period.
Price: $175 (a savings of $35)

The Happy Mama Package

CranioSacral Therapy is a safe and gentle way to  address any pregnancy-related discomforts, while preparing to meet your sweet little one. (For more information on how it can help both mama and baby, click here.) This package includes four sessions: two CST sessions to address any pain or discomfort during pregnancy and to help you relax and de-stress deeply, and two birth-prep sessions, to be scheduled during the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy.
Price: $240 (a savings of $40)

The Happy Mama, Happy Baby Package

This package includes 6 sessions total: the four sessions from the Happy Mama package, plus two additional sessions– one for baby to help this sweet one adjust to life in this big, beautiful world, plus a post-partum session to help mom recover from the pregnancy and birth experience, and receive the nurturing needed to better care for her little one.
Price: $340 (a savings of $80)