18 Body-Loving Resolutions for the New Year

We all want the best of ourselves. We want to do our best, look our best, perform our best. So it’s natural to make goals that we hope will bring us closer to our own ideals. This isn’t a bad thing! But what often happens is that we inadvertently pick up other peoples’ standards and pin our self worth on achieving those.

At the start of the new year, we often make resolutions that are a reaction to what we dislike about ourselves. I don’t think this is loving or constructive. Too often, these goals revolve around dieting and becoming thin.

I’m afraid I have some bad news: Becoming thin will not make you happy or more valuable. And punishing your body into submission will not make you love it more.

So why make these your top priorities? Our bodies are always (always!) doing their best for us. We don’t need to beat them into submission– we need to practice gratitude and do our best to nourish and protect them so they can keep on helping us live life to the fullest.

So how about some body-positive, alternative resolutions for the new year?Body-Positive Resolutions

Here are 18 Body-Loving Resolutions for the New Year

  1. I will stop using numbers (weight, clothing size, inches) to influence my sense of self-worth.
  2. I will never talk about food or body shapes/ appearances (including my own) negatively in front of children and I won’t let others do it when I’m around, either.
  3. I will remove morality-related words from the way I talk about food (like sinful, naughty, bad, guilty etc.).
  4. I will eat for nourishment and pleasure, without guilt.
  5. I will find ways of moving my body that feel pleasurable to me.
  6. I will rest when my body needs it.
  7. I will respond to my body’s messages when I am in pain– I will get bodywork or a massage, take a hot epsom salts bath, stretch, take it easy, etc.
  8. I will eat when I am hungry.
  9. I will get more sleep– which means I will have to make it a priority in my busy life.
  10. I will purge my closet of all of the clothes that no longer fit me or that don’t make me feel good when I wear them.
  11. I will not say mean things to myself about my body. And if I do, I will apologize and find something honest and kind to say.
  12. I will express gratitude for all of the things my body does for me every day.
  13. I will accept compliments instead of deflecting them, simply saying “Thank you.”
  14. I will treat my body as a friend, not a foe– after all, it is with me from the beginning of my existence, until the end– who else can I say that about?
  15. I will practice listening to my body, and hearing what it is trying to say to me– that I need to slow down, speak up, avoid certain situations, etc.
  16. I will try new ways of taking care of my body– from seeing a chiropractor to getting acupuncture or scheduling a bodywork session.
  17. I will help others to relax and enjoy their bodies by showing them love and acceptance, and modeling this in the way I talk about and treat my own body.
  18. I will try new ways of moving my body– to give myself new opportunities to see what it can do, and what it enjoys.

I hope you will give your body some grace and love as you begin the new year– it has brought you this far, and is your faithful friend! Which of these body-loving resolutions would you like to focus on? Or is there one you have already been working on, that you can share about?

Wishing you a joyful 2018!